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magazine features intersectional feminist perspectives on a specific theme.For 21 years, we’ve taken deep dives into everything from Love and Lust to Maps & Legends to Family Values.Channers (a colloquial term for frequent 4chan posters) took as gospel even the barest shred of evidence, the better to justify their hate for “feminazis” and “social justice warriors” (“SJWs”) like Quinn.Within 24 hours, they had embarked on what would become a massive harassment campaign, sending abusive and threatening messages to Quinn every day for months.Gamers have been aware (albeit some only dimly) of the casual sexism in our hobby since at least the 1990s, when titles like displayed cartoonish levels of objectification.(Though the series’ protagonist Lara Croft was one of gaming’s first true heroines, her creator Toby Gard “accidentally” increased her bust by 150%, an error that was applauded by the first game’s development team; later releases played up Lara’s sex appeal in marketing materials to increase sales.) In their paper “Sexy, Strong, and Secondary,” researchers Teresa Lynch, Jessica E. van Driel, and Niki Fritz write that “[d]espite an increase in games featuring playable female characters [from 1983 to 2014], games still depict female characters more often in secondary roles and sexualized them more than primary characters.” With the aggressive expansion of online gaming, it became apparent that the games themselves weren’t the only problem.

It’s common for strangers to gather together and set up ad-hoc games of in the corridors, and generally engage in the sort of camaraderie that would be unthinkable anywhere else.It’s the first day of my first gaming convention, and I want to get back on the show floor.Suddenly, I catch a snippet of a conversation to my right: A young, apparently male, gamer bragging to his friends about how he managed to snap a picture of some girl’s ass on the escalator.Gjoni claimed that Quinn had been dating games reviewer Nathan Grayson, who worked for the gaming news and culture site Kotaku—straw that misogynists and malcontents on infamous trolling factory 4chan were all too eager to spin into fool’s gold.After Gjoni shared his manifesto on the site, users lined up to legitimize it, quickly coming to the conclusion that Quinn had slept with Grayson for positive coverage of , and he and Quinn had only gone on a handful of dates—but that wasn’t the point.

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