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Hard to remember, since I was about 5 years old when we moved to 88th Ave between 102nd and 104th Street.

One of my many childhood remembrances from Richmond Hill from far away and long ago. My dad owned Carlo' s Pizza on Lefferts Blvd and Liberty Ave and we would take the bus there every Friday to spend time with dad. I played baseball and basketball for HCJ with my brother Terry and just about everything else. He was born in 1865 the night Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, in the locksmith house south of Van Wyck Blvd and Hillside ave. Some day I hope to revisit my old neighborhood and will drop in to see you all in person I graduated from Our Lady of the Cenacle in 1967 ! Little kids to teenagers all got to participate in a game of ringalivio, or jump rope, or hopscotch. They opened Aqueduct Race Track in 1959 and the Resorts World International Casino in 2011. Just really appreciate all that you do to keep our home town history alive.

Does anyone remember, "Jahns's Ice Cream Parlor Special? I seem to have written his email down incorrectly and can't get in touch with him any more. Looking for anyone who might remember her, I'm sure she would enjoy hearing from them. I was thinking about their fried baked ziti and wondered if they opened in another area. And How can I forget the Lefferts theater or sometimes we went to the Casino theater under the El.Does anyone know the address or what happened to the sanatorium. Attended Holy Child Jesus School which gave me a great education. Hi, I am still curious about what happened to, Nancy Hecht, Harold Meyer, Judy Meyer, Edwina Mitchell, Henry Mueller, Doris Mueller, The Gendron Family, Billy Haas, John Ormond, and The Daily Family. I grew up in Richmond Hill and enjoyed finding your website. I hope anyone interested will come back to enjoy what will be a wonderful day and night! Richmond Hill Historical Society President Ivan Mrakovcic, Vice President Helen Day and board member Joanne Tanzi attended the Historic Districts Council, 2017 Six to Celebrate Launch Party on Feb 15, 2017, near Gramercy Park. Father declared he would re-open when the son returned from the war. I used to peek in the window and the bar was in the same condition as it was on the last night. I appreciate all the fascinating information and history I have learned from your Historical Society. L.) Created, owned, and operated popular AL'S STEREO BAR, Richmond Hill, NY. Devoted grandfather of Kyle, granddaughter-in-law Courtney, Kurt, Natalee, Julia, Kathryn, Alexander, and Grace. His brothers were Don, Marty, Joe, and his cousin Bob Timurlane (who died in 1969 driving drunk in the area). His father Martin died in 1965 and mother Lillian in 1973. They had a house near Hillside Ave after living in an apartment in Brooklyn. I remember always going to Van Wyck Lanes, The Roller Rink, and Jahns! Hello, I am going to try this one again, does any one remember a Vegas Night with number of wheels of fortune depending where your wheel stopped was your prize or nothing some of the wheels you picked numbers 1-40 or so others had prizes or zero. Growing up in the 1970's in a care free sense of being was wonderful. Peace Stumbled on this site quite by accident and enjoyed reading everyone's memories of Richmond Hill.Jordan Vineyard & Winery is a family-owned winery located on Alexander Valley Road.Tom and Sally Jordan founded the winery, and they originally bought the land with the idea of planting a vineyard.

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